Monday, March 17, 2008

Get Ready, Get Set...Relay for Life Begins!!!

Can I just say "Wow" I have been astonished and appreciative of what the RFL squad has accomplished. I know they have had to deal with all of us designers all week and I am sure it was trying at times. : )
I personally would like to say..Thank You Team!!
Special Thanks to Nevar and Pips for always being there for me this week.

Here are a few things you will see at my booth...Please come check it out!!

This is Q-T Pie...Made specially for RFL

This is Gunkalicious from my new collection of Girl Yesterday!

What can I say about this tells all...Jungle Glitz...
girl Jane gone Clubbing ; )

These are just a few new things you will find at RFL and at my store so come check it out!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday New Releases!!!

Backstage Pass

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hello my Blogger Friends!!!

Here are my new sweaters for Winter...they are all named after my sisters and dear friend Shyone

items included: sweater,scarf,sculptie hat,skirt,and socks!!

also new valour tube tops!!



Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sign Up and Get Pink Sweater and Scarf ...Free

All Items that were made for group only will be out the end of December for those that missed some...So keep your eyes open girls!! It will also give new sisters a chance to get all the stuff made for group only and will not go on sale. *hugs* kiki

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Well She's Done It Again!!!

My sister Tuli suprises me with exciting news this week and check it out girls...

She came out with her Second Skin Series..Woot!!

It comes in 5 skintones (pale, light, medium, tanned and dark) and 14 makeups to each skintone. The price is 1200 for an individual skin, and 8400 for all 14 makeups, that's a whopping 50% discount! Demos are available for all skintones and makeups.

The skins are housed in the building right across from the clothing store. The first skin series is still available but has been moved to the second floor of the skin store.

You Rock Sisters!! We did miss Callie but she was doing tours ; (

Go Check out Her skins Girls!!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

who, what, where, why?

caLLie cLine's project with Pontiac and Motorati
This is the photo in this months Maxim and a double page spread...WOOT!!!
Photo by caLLie cLine

It's been a pleasure and so much fun doing this project with Cal's...oops, btw I am the blond in the background standing along side my mOtOrati sister Bianca Darling (CEO of Aspire!!).

Behind us is Grease Monkey sitting on the steps.(don't remember seeing him there though) oh that's right...I was in makeup...hehe I wish!!
To the left of the photo beside the yellow car is the handsome caffeine au go-go club owner & awesome dj Shane Hornet.
to the right we have feri beckenbaurer and his friend.( Please don't be shy..and share your name with us)

Oh and look in the air, it's a plain,it's a frisbee...NO, NO, it's the one and only "In Kenzo"the flying green av.

Being a "mOtOrati girL" has been fun,exciting,overwhelming at times,and spent lots and lots of time on the phone. The reality of it is that caLLie has opened doors for us that was beyond our hopes and dreams, I believe. This wasn't just a picture in a magazine for me. This was substantial evidence that I was part of an amazing journey in a whole new world of virtual reality. And for that CaLLie and Pontiac I want to thank you.

I hope that there are many more adventures to come!! *hugs everyone*

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hard Work Pays Off!!!!
The Ready or Not Grand Opening was a BLAST!!!
After sleepless nights of trying to get it together, the day finally arrived and Wow was it fun and overwhelming all at the same time.